Teaching employees how to become more self-aware and aware of others is the key to managing relationships internally and externally.  It is also the major contributing factor in creating productive, healthier and more engaged teams of people, all of which makes a business more profitable.

By the end of this training workshop, participants will be able to…

Give examples of how active listening leads to better customer relations

Explain why empathy is a key essential to great leadership

Define situational awareness and use it to make better business decisions

Use personal agility and personal power to proactively embrace change

Designed to help your leaders become effective coaches for your employees. Good coaching improves employee engagement, productivity, and performance. Learn how to begin to build bonds and trust between management and employees and stop managing your people and your results into the ground.


By the end of this training workshop, participants will be able to…

Define what workplace coaching is (and what it is not)

Demonstrate (in real coaching situations) fundamental and advanced coaching skills

Apply the techniques of the coaching conversation

Brian will come to your location or work virtually to provide training for all organizations in your company or any specific teams that have the most pressing need. His workshops offer hands on learning and interactive activities designed to give the attendees a lively and entertaining learning experience. Workshops can be offered in multiple formats, including a half-day, full-day, or 1 to 2-hour monthly “Team Huddles” or “Lunch ‘n Learns”. He will provide coaching for individual team members in between training sessions to reinforce the concepts of social and emotional intelligence, and ensure the learning is practiced in the workplace. Since the foundation of social and emotional intelligence is awareness of self and our impact on others, all workshop and seminar programs begin with an assessment, either the SEIP®-self or SEIP®-360. Brian strongly encourages ongoing coaching after the training to solidify the learning in day-to-day practice.