1. Brian inspires: Audiences describe Brian as “Thought-Provoking”, “Amazing”, and “A Sugar Rush for the Soul”. Few speakers discuss workplace issues in such a straight forward practical manner that is both refreshing and engaging.

2. Brian empowers: Your team will walk away from the event feeling that they have the tools and the ability to accomplish their goals. Combining storytelling, humor, data and social & emotional intelligence, he breaks down information into bit size nuggets that make it easy for audiences to digest.

3. Brian uplifts: Negativity and incivility have unfortunately become common place in both our society and workplace. Brian’s talks give audiences hope and encouragement. He will bring your people to a place where they can see that changes and challenges at work can either hold them down or bring them up to a new level of appreciation.

4. Brian cares about your people: Brian makes it a point to attend other conference functions such as lunches, receptions and ceremonies in order to better understand the inner workings, relationships, and people that make up your team. (Travel requirements permitted).

5. Brian guarantees: Your team deserves a LEVEL 10 speaker at your next event. Brian guarantees that his presentation will both motivate and inspire!