Social and Emotional Intelligence is the ability to be aware of our own emotions and those of others, and to use that information to manage ourselves and manage our relationships.

We design programs to meet the needs of an individual executive, manager or leader. The program affords the opportunity for leaders to learn privately, discreetly, and with the support of 1:1 coaching, reflection exercises, worksheets, tip-sheets, mini-assessments designed to generate greater self-awareness, and much more to support individualized, self-paced learning. Each individual program is designed specifically for the individual executive or leader based on the strengths and development needs identified in the SEIP assessment. While self-paced, these programs, and the private coaching support, generally requires a six- to twelve-month commitment of time.

Just some of what your team will learn…

  • How to improve customer satisfaction and retention
  • How their behavior is impacting others on the team and in the organization
  • How to develop a more productive and profitable work environment
  • How to strengthen their communication and interpersonal skills
  • How to manage conflict more productively

Studies have shown that our success in life and at work can be influenced far more by our social and emotional intelligence (SEQ) than by our cognitive intelligence (IQ).

I’m an INDIVIDUAL and I want to…

  • Improve my interpersonal communication skills
  • Have more satisfying personal relationships (friends, family, colleagues, co-workers)
  • Manage my emotional responses more effectively
  • Become more intentional in my life and my work
  • Manage conflict more productively


The first step is to meet with me (via in person, a phone conference and/or webinar), where you are introduced to the program and given an orientation to the training materials available to you. I also use this orientation to learn a little more about you, your current situation, and your interest in learning about this very important topic.

The second step is for you to take the Social + Emotional Intelligence Profile (SEIP)® so you can learn about your strengths and development needs. This allows both of us to focus your energies where it will do the most good right from the start.

The third step is to develop, with your coach, your personalized action plan based on the needs identified in the SEIP®.

The fourth step is to begin the self-paced program of study using the online videos, workbook, worksheets, reflection exercises, journal exercises and more while at the same time, continuing your regular, ongoing coaching sessions.

Every individual has different strengths and development needs when it comes to social and emotional intelligence, and because of the self-paced nature of the program, the length of the program varies by individual. That said, behavior change does take time, so we will discuss an appropriate length of time to do the work.