Are you ready for your organization to be uplifted, encouraged and engaged? Brian Baker is an inspirational speaker who presents keynote presentations to corporate and educational audiences. His charismatic delivery galvanizes people to work better together in order to achieve organizational goals and enhance workplace culture, one interaction at a time.

Combining storytelling, humor, and data with social and emotional intelligence competencies, Brian discusses workplace issues in a straight forward manner that is both refreshing and relatable.

Drawing on 25 years of corporate leadership experience with Bank of America and AT&T, he understands firsthand many of the challenges in today’s work environment. Challenges such as: low employee engagement, lack of trust, ineffective communication, and safe workplace culture, to name a few.

If you are looking to hire a speaker that will inspire your organization beyond just the day of your event, then look no further.  Brian is the speaker for you.

… The techniques you taught on teaming, better communication and rapport building will definitely enhance our teacher/parent relationships this school year …


Merryhill Schools

Brian was amazing! He had a perfect blend between personal experience and professional. I told him what I wanted to get out of our conference and he really was able to work our topic.

Jaymee M

Women in Cable Telecommunications

… I would definitely recommend Brian to any organization wanting to discuss customer service, civility, respect, communication, or any related topic. Brian does a wonderful job…

Debra Gill

HR Director, City of Pleasanton

Brian has demonstrated the talent to deliver his insights in an easy and accessible way that is both engaging and inspiring.

Charles "Chappie" Jones

City Council Member, City of San Jose

My business partner, our staff and I recently benefited greatly from the communication training received from Mr. Brian Baker. Success in business is primarily wholly influenced by the effectiveness of communication. It is all about interpersonal interactions, and there is no time in recent history where the concepts taught by Mr. Baker are not more critically needed than now.

We see in current discourse a general departure from civility, grace, and eloquence. We see a widening gulf between people in part born of the technological advancements that allow anonymous and intermediary communication. It is easier to be rude or to be direct minus all the softeners, when one can tweet or text or talk to a recording machine. But ultimately decisions in business are made between human beings, hence the value of Mr. Baker’s message.

I highly recommend him to any business team. Your human resources are elemental…fundamental to your success. Make sure they know how to best represent you and your company!

Dr. Monica Crooks


Brian is an enthusiastic and encouraging coach. The questions he asks open my mind and help me to look within myself to identify my goals and to reach them. He’s patient, positive, and like a true coach in any sport– inspiring and motivating. Brian makes me feel relaxed yet empowered to do ANYTHING I dream of.

Kimberly Lewis